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Varieties of Alkaline solution which are used in foreign producing countries specially
California, Australia, and Greece, can be divided into two categories. One is simple
Solutions and the other is Alkaline oil solutions. In addition to these solutions , in some of
the countries and for special varieties of raisins, Anidirid Sulphoro is used as well.
Alkaline solution used in California state includes simple soda solution and oil soda solution.
This kind of raisins which is famous in foreign language as Sultana or Sultanin, is only
provided from Thompson seedless grapes and its preparation method is as the following:
The solution that is used to nitrify the rice raisins is composed of 3 Kg of Carbonate
Dopotash and 65grs of caustic Potash and 120 cm3 of one of the vegetable pure oils in 100
liters of pure water.

Oil should be completely mixed with water, a little amount of Moyan should be added to
the solution for this purpose.

They dip the grapes into the above mentioned solution for 30 seconds, and then will place
them on wooden trays which the bottom of it has a wire netting structure and they will
place the wooden trays on each other so that they will have 30 to 45 cms distance from
each other and all these operations will be done in a covered location in order to prevent
the direct sunlight to the grapes.

After that the grapes are dried, the raisins will be separated from the cluster by shaking.
The colour of this raisin is green and to gain brown_coloured raisins, they wash them with
pure water a day after putting the clusters on the wooden tray, and place them in front of
the sunlight for 1 to 3 days, so the raisins will be dark amber_coloured. At the time that the
clusters are in front of the sunlight, they should be ransacked so that all the singles of the
raisins will be brown_coloure tediously.