Raisin Information

In Iran we can divide the variety of raisins into three groups which include: green raisins, rice
raisins and currants. Of course, each of these varieties have other native names as well in other
points of the country. For example , they call green raisins as Sabzeh and Currants as Lorkesh
raisins in some of the parts. Green raisins and rice raisins are obtained from seedless grapes
and Currant is provided from variety of seeded grapes. Various kinds of raisins have different
names in business which is related to its preparation method and the type of grape which is
used in its preparation. In foreign countries , all kinds of raisins are provided out of three kinds
of grapes which include:
1 A kind of white seedless grapes which is famous as Thompson seedless
in English language districts.
2 Cornth which has round seeds and is red.
3 Muscat d' Alexandrie which has big , tall seeds and its single is seeded. This kind is found in
white and red colours.

All significant centers of raisins preparation are located in north of the country , ie in a part
which begins from Northwest of Azarbayjan (Rezayieh) and ends in north of Khorasan.
(Ghoochan) In this part , centers of raisins production include: Rezayieh , Ghazvin , Malayer ,
Shahrood(in partly little amount),and Ghoochan. We will mention the names of various kinds of
raisins in foreign business after we explain raisins preparation method , because these names
are related to raisins preparation method as well as the kind of grapes which is used in raisins
iran raisin golden-sultana-black
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