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Cumin Seed
Rose Bud (Yellow)
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chamomile- dried herb
dill seed- dried herb
dill tips- dried vegetable
fennel seed- dried herb
gallnut- herbal nut
hibiscus- herbal tea
hyssop- dried herb
jujube- dried herb
licorice powder- herbal powder
malva- dried mallow- tea ingredients
myrtle- dried herb
nigella seed herbal seed
oleaster- herbal food
orange flower- dried herb
pink rose bud- herbal product
rose petal
rosemary- dried herb
safflower- dried herb
saffron- dried herb
tarragon- dried herb
calendula- dried herb
peppermint- dried vegetable
cumin seed- dried herb
gomme- herbal gum
yellow rose, herbal rose
borage- dried herb
exporter of herbs (specially Iran
origin herbs) tries to get the quality
day by day better to bring a very
healthy life to the worldwide at less
expensive prices.

We are very happy to see that our
supplied products are being used in
healthy businesses like Herbal Tea
productions, Herbal Skin Cares
production, Herbal Shampoos, Herbal
Medicines and so on. It is very good to
feel it that at the end of the day we
delivered a service which was healthy
and beneficial for the people.
pistachio Nuts
green peeled pistachio kernels
green peeled pistachio kernels
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