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Gomme Ammoniaque, أشق، وشق، وشا ، کندل
أوشق؛ صمغ راتینجی طبی
Product & Packing Details:

Official Name:
Gum Ammoniac
Other names: Gomme, Gomme Ammoniacum, Ammohniakón, Gum amoniacu, Gum
hammaniacum, Gum armoniac, أشق، کندل ،وشا
Style: Herbal Gum
Type: Dorema Ammoniacum
Models: Yellowish, Sticky Black, Top Grade White
Crop time: Mid May - Mid June
Packing: 10kg net cotton bag which will be placed into carton box
Country of Origin: Iran
State: Fars, Khorasan
black gum ammoniac
white and black gomme
white gum ammoniac
yellow gomme
White Gum Ammoniac (Highest Grade)
Yellowish Gum Ammoniac
Black-white Sticky Gum Ammoniac
Sticky Black Gum Ammoniac
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Ammoniac that we supply:
Packing of our Gum Ammoniac: Our company as an experienced supplier and exporter of herbal gums pack the products
intro 10 kg carton boxes, but as the matter of customers rights in ordering we pack as you request
Gomme Ammoniaque
gum ammoniac packing
"Ammoniacum, or gum ammoniac, is a gum-resin exuded from the stem of a perennial herb (Dorema ammoniacum) of the umbel
family (Apiaceae). The plant grows to the height of 2½ or 3 meters (8 or 9 ft.), and its whole stem is pervaded with a milky juice,
which oozes out on an incision being made at any part. This juice quickly hardens into round tears, forming the "tear ammoniacum"
of commerce. "Lump ammoniacum," the other form in which the substance is met with, consists of aggregations of tears, frequently
incorporating fragments of the plant itself, as well as other foreign bodies. Ammoniacum has a faintly fetid, unpleasant odor, which
becomes more distinct on heating; externally it possesses a reddish-yellow appearance, and when the tears or lumps are freshly
fractured they exhibit a waxy luster. It is chiefly collected in central Persia, and comes to the European market by way of Bombay.
Ammoniacum is closely related to asafoetida and galbanum (from which, however, it differs in yielding no umbelliferone) both in
regard to the plant which yields it and its therapeutical effects. Internally it is used in conjunction with squills in bronchial affections;
and in asthma and chronic colds it is found useful, but it has no advantages over a number of other substances of more constant
and active properties (Sir Thomas Richard Fraser). Only the "tear ammoniacum" is official. African ammoniacum is the product of a
plant said to be Ferula tingitana, which grows in North Africa; it is a dark colored gum-resin, possessed of a very weak odor and a
persistent acrid taste." by
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