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Mallow (Malva Sylvestris)
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(Malva Sylvestris)
Supplier, Wholesaler & Exporter of Herbs & Vegetable
The medium to high quality Mallow from rich soil of central Iran.
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mallow (malva) packing)
DSR Dried Malva Packing
(10kg Carton Box)
mallow retail packing
malva retail packing 2
DSR Dried Malva Packing
(1kg-3kg Aluminium foil)
Some Medicinal use:
"Mallow has anti-inflammatory,
astringent,laxative and diuretic
properties. In traditional Native
American medicine, Mallow was used
in cases of sores, different kinds of
swellings, broken bones, painful
stomach congestions and injuries.
Today, Mallow is considered to be
helpful in cases of irritations produced
by dry coughs, forming protective
layers on the inflamed mucous
membranes. It alleviates inflammations
and mouth irritations. It is very useful in
treatment of different sorts of
respiratory complaints. It can also be
useful in treatment of gastroenteritis
and constipation. Tea made from the
root acts as a very good diuretic.
(by Health from nature)"
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