Some Medicinal use:
"Mallow has anti-inflammatory, astringent,laxative and diuretic
properties. In traditional Native American medicine, Mallow was
used in cases of sores, different kinds of swellings, broken bones,
painful stomach congestions and injuries. Today, Mallow is
considered to be helpful in cases of irritations produced by dry
coughs, forming protective layers on the inflamed mucous
membranes. It alleviates inflammations and mouth irritations. It is
very useful in treatment of different sorts of respiratory complaints.
It can also be useful in treatment of gastroenteritis and
constipation. Tea made from the root acts as a very good diuretic.
(by Health from nature)"
Blue Mallow (Malva Sylvestris)
Supplier and export of High quality blue Malva flower from rich farms of Iran
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Product & Packing Details:

Official Name: Blue High Mallow
Botanical Name:Malva Sylvestris
Other names: Blue Malva Flower, Malva, Persian Mallow Flower, Blue Mallow
Style: Herbal Flower
Type: Mallow genus Malva in the family of Malvaceae
Models: Blue close to purple flower with a green end
Crop time: Mid May - Mid June
Uses: Herbal Tea, Mix Tea, Essential oils and ....
Packing: 5 kg carton boxes / 20 kg jute bags / 1kg aluminum bags
Country of Origin: Iran
State: Fars, Khorasan, Alborz