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Product & Packing Details:

Name: Apple
Botanical Name: Malus domestica
Style: Fresh Whole fruit, Red Delicious Apple, Golden Apple,
Green Smith Apple, Gala apple
Cultivation: Common
Crop time: Mid September-End of October
Availability: October- Mid May
Our Supply Ability: 100 tons per months
Packing: Carton Boxes, Plastic Basket
or as customer request
Country of Origin: Iran
State: Alborz
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pistachio Nuts
green peeled pistachio kernels
green peeled pistachio kernels
DSR Superior Products
Toozgi Apple
Based on report Iran was ranked as the 6th among all the apple
producers in the world and the 2nd place in the middle east. There are over 10 variety of
apple is being produced in Iran but only 4 major types of apple are being exported
because of vast production. Red Delicious apple, Golden Apple (AKA Yellow Delicious),
Granny Smith apple and Gala apple the types which conclude the most amount of Iran's
Apple production. Referring to Iran's ministry of agriculture report Iran produced around  
3 million tons of apple every year.

DSR is one the oldest Iranian supplier and exporter of fresh fruits such as apple and
vegetables from Iran. We supply the 4 major mentioned apple to the worldwide market at
the best quality. If you have any question please do not hesitate to
contact us now.