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After that the raisins are completely dried and gathered, they carry them to the store so
that they can sell them to the packing factory, or before storing them, the wholesale
buyers will buy the product and will send them to the packing factory to be stored,
cleaned and packed. In the factory, after that the
raisins are examined from the point of
moisture and sugar amount and also quality, the special packing operations will begin.
These operations include shaking the
raisins so that if a part of them have remained in
form of a cluster, they will be separated from each other and meanwhile, passing through
the moving riddle, the dust, wood and cluster scrapes will be separated by help of
relatively severe wind blow or the workers will clean the raisins. After cleaning the raisins
from dust and external substances, they will wash them with water and after washing and
drying, they will be examined from the point of being uniform in colour and shape, and
will be sent to the automatic machine to be weighed and packed.

Packing Styles:
  • Wooden boxes
  • Carton Boxes

Packing sizes:
  • 10KG
  • 12KG
iran raisin golden-sultana-black