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This kind of raisin will be taken from the vineyard to Varzan directly without using
Alkaline solution, and after cleaning the clusters, they will be exposed to the sun to be
dried. The biggest calamity to the raisins when being dried, ie when the grape is in
Varzan, is the rain. In some gardens, to prevent the disadvantage of unexpected rain
which leads to a bad_coloured and spoiled raisin, they will cover the grapes with nylon
or any other means. After 15 days, these grapes will be dried. After this, the worker will
clean the raisins and take them to the store, and will save the raisins in this place up to
the time it is sold. In order to pack and export the raisins to foreign countries, it should
be washed again, cleaned and placed in special boxes. We will explain this matter after
describing the preparation method of raisins in foreign countries.
iran raisin golden-sultana-black