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السوس، عرق السوس، 甘草提取物, Süßholz Extrakt, extrait de réglisse
Licorice Extract (powder & Block)
Product and packing details:

Licorice Extract
Other Names: Glycyrrhiza glabra, Liquorice
Style: Powder/ Block
Extracted from: Licorice Root
Availability: Whole Year
Production capacity: 1200 Tons/ Year
Country of Origin: Iran
Packing: 25 kg Carton box for Block/ 25 kg Poly bags for Powder
State: Alborz
licorice extract powder
Licorice Extract powder
Licorice extract powder Packing:
25 kg Nylon Bags/ Stretch Bags/ 2 Layer Poly Bags
licorice extract powder packing
liacorice extract powder packing
licorice extract powder packing
COA of Licorice extract powder:
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