Almond kernel
Based on the statistics, Iran is the 4th country in
the world in terms of producing Almond. Because
of Iran's climate Almond is grown in many cities in
Iran and in some counties beside the huge
amount of Almond orchads, there is a famous
phrase which is" each house got an Almond
Darya Shamin Rastak by doing firm studies,
recognized and identified those areas which the
Almonds are grown more nutritious.
One the most significant Almond in the world is
called Mamra which is grown in Iran a lot.
- Regular Kernel
- Blanched whole big size kernel
- Blanched whole small size kernel
- Blanched slivered kernel
- Blanched sliced kernel
- Blanched powder kernel
Regular Almond Kernel
Blanched Almond kernel is the result of the process as below:
After receiving the kernels by breaking the Almond Hards shell, the kernels are being soaked into a hot water barrels. After that Almond kernel will be loaded
into the cold water barrel for a short time. At this time the Almond's peels are pretty soft (even can be removed by hand). So the kernels will go into the peeling
machine. After peeling process the goods will go inside a dryer and now we can have a great blanched Almond kernel.
Blanched Almond Kernel Whole
Blanched Almond Kernel Slivered
Almond Kernel Whole Small
Blanched Almond Kernel Powder
Blanched Almond Kernel Sliced
Blanched Almond Kernel Packing: 10kg bulk carton box (inside of the box is
covered by plastic nylon, 1kg to 5kg vacuum bags, 100grams to 500 grams retail bags.

Shelf life: It is depended on that packing and the storage conditions but for vacuum
bags 2, for room temperature in carton box 1 year, for the cool place in 1.5 years.   

If you have any other question regarding the Almond kernel, do not hesitate to email us.
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